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You are not alone; graph shows that as year increases, a number of students who want to study abroad also increased. A study shows that 16,000 Vietnamese students are pursuing their education in USA which doubles the volume from 2008.

The number of students who study abroad has increase every year. As of 2012 -2013, record shows that there were 265,000 international students in Canada and 500,000 admitted to the UK. Moreover, nearly 820,000 foreign students attended U.S colleges and 290,761 international students enrolled in Australia during this time period. Learning outside your country will help build your credentials by strengthening your skills as you prepare for your future.

For you to be qualified, learn English first. Universities in USA, Canada, UK and Australia require an English skills certification. Speaking English is a great advantage in many destinations since English is the world’s most widely used language.

BE LEGIBLE! Learn English in the Philippines here at CELI!
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