Frequently Asked Questions
This page contains answers to commonly-asked questions about Cleverlearn English Learning Institute.

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  • Why I have to study at CELI, Cebu, Philippines?

  • Low Teacher-Student Ratio
  • International student body
  • English learning environment


  • What does it mean low teacher-student ratio?

  • If you study General English, you’ll study 6 hours per day, 5 days a week.
  • 2 hrs 1:1 with Local Teacher
  • 2 hrs 1:4 with Local Teacher
  • 2 hrs 1:8 with Native English Teacher from Canada or USA


  • If you want to study English FAST, you should come to CELI.

  • If you study Bachelor major in English, you will need 4 years.
  • At CELI, you will need 48 weeks (11 months), from zero English, you‘ll reach IELTS 6.0 or 6.5.
  • We guarantee you’ll reach that level. If not, you will continue to study free of charge.


  • Besides 6 hours class study, the student needs to do homework for around 1-2 hours.

  • This means the student studies 5 days a week. Total hours are 7-8 hours.


  • Is the tuition fee expensive?

  • For example: the tuition fee for General English at CELI is 684.25 USD or 06 USD/week.

Study English in Brisbane and Sydney

Tuition fee/week in AUD

Full time Intensive(30 lessons/week) Full time(24 lessons/week)


(17 lessons/week)

01-03 weeks 395 350 250
04-11 weeks 385 340 245
12-23 weeks 375 330 240
Over 24 weeks 345 300 220

Therefore, you can see the tuition fee at CELI, Philippines with 192.25 USD vs. 385 AUD (or 393 USD) for 30 hours is much cheaper.

As an example, the standard fee at CELI for General English (course) including a Double room accommodation, Application Fee, Books, ID, round trip airport transfer and immigration requirements is $1,816.00. This is for a 4 weeks duration and a total of 30 hours per week.

As a comparison, see below for Cleverlearn Cebu vs. an ESL school in Singapore and Australia:


Details Cleverlearn-Cebu GEOS-Singapore ILSC-Australia
Hours per week (4 weeks) 30 hours per week 15 hours per week 26 hours per week
Duration 4 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks
Course General English Comprehensive English Full-Time Intensive
Accommodation Double room Twin room Homestay
Course and Accommodation 1,626.00 USD 2,471.00 SGD 2,444.00 AUD
Application/Registration Fee Included in the above price 53.50 220.00
Roundtrip Airport Transfer Included in the above price 214.00 135.00
Materials Included in the above price 32.10 45.00
ID Included in the above price Not Included Not Included
Accommodation Placement Fee Not Applicable 214.00 220.00
Immigration Requirements
SSP/Student visa 140.00 Not Included Not Included
Room Deposit 50.00 Not Applicable Not Applicable
Totals: 1,816.00 USD 2,984.60 SGD 3,064 AUD
Or in USD 1,816.00 USD 2,387.68 USD 3,217.20 USD

So you can clearly see that per week, CELI-Cebu with 454.00 USD vs. 596.92 USD (GEOS-Singapore) vs. 804.30 USD (ILSC-Australia) is much cheaper.


  • How to develop your English?

  • You will study with students with different nationalities.
  • You will share the room with students with different nationalities.
  • On week-ends, you will go out with students with different nationalities.
  • You will speak English with the Filipinos as Philippines is a former American colony in Asia where majority of the people speak English.


  • Class format: 1:1, 1:4 and 1:8.

  • 1:1 class. It covers the four skills of communication, namely, listening, speaking, reading, writing as well as phonetics and vocabulary building.
  • 1:4 class is an activity class. There, they learn a lot of framed and language phrases and expressions. Later, they use it through role play activities and many more for application. Language acquisition is based from students’ real-life situations.
  • 1:8 class. Students learn more on idioms, slangs and culture re English-speaking countries such as United States. Here also, there is emphasis on the learning of pronunciation and this class is conversational. 1:8 is an exposure of students to a native speaker.