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As you look into the graph, it shows that 73% professionals required themselves to learn English. English stands as the universal language of international business. It’s the first key to realize any company’s aspirations. Many businesses aspire to become international firms as they hope to expand their company globally. Multi-cultural companies have factories, offices and branches worldwide, and most of these companies offer language training to their workers to be competitive.

Economy dares to be more challenging towards professionals. Workforce competition has increased and employers are now looking for the best credential holder. Companies prefer to hire competitive staff with valuable job skills such as English proficiency, international knowledge, and flexibility. Learning English is paramount to most workers as it fills the company’s gap in critical English skills.

Learning English is your stepping stone to be competitive!
-Learn English fast
-Gain International knowledge and Experience cross-cultural communication
-Meet new international friends
-Enhance career opportunities
-Be independent and flexible