Medical professionals from all around the world need to speak English clearly and understandably to their international patients and colleagues. Patients come in all different shapes and sizes. They may also speak different languages.


No matter your specialty, as a medical professional your foremost concern should always be the tongue. It is the tongue – and the language that is generated by it – that allows health providers to communicate with patients and medical colleagues, speak at seminars and medical meetings – ultimately – how to read and write medical papers.

For doctors or health practitioners whose mother tongue is not English, having to learn English is a nuisance but being able to make your patients feel understood and comfortable through the use of English would be very rewarding and you also get to use your English skills outside of your working environment.

Medical English Course

Program Description:

This Medical English Program is designed for those medical practitioners who desire to improve their English ability to better communicate with their patients or clients.

The aim of this program is to help students get familiar with basic medical terminologies and language required to discuss medical investigations, diagnoses and treatments.

This program is centered on General and Medical English training.

Communicative approach is used in all 1on1 classes for a more in depth training. Students are provided with many different exercises and case studies for them to apply their learning.

Course Structure:

Our Teachers

EFFECTIVEFRIENDLY and FLEXIBLE are some of the traits of our teachers.

Our teachers are experienced and well-trained in teaching students in all ages from very young kids to professionals and from different nationalities. They are not only good at handling students but also skillful in training students learning Exam English courses such as TOEFLTOEIC and IELTS, a quarterly training is done to ensure that our teacher standard is maintained.

Our teachers are also approachable which helps build rapport between them and the students creating a very good sense of comfort for the students to enjoy and appreciate learning English more.

Helping the students achieve their goal in learning English is always the priority and our teachers aid in making this possible.

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