Intensive English Premium

Target Market: Teenagers, University students and Professionals

Level Requirement: Beginners –Intermediate level

Course Duration: minimum of 4 weeks

Class Schedule:  7 hours a day from Mondays to Thursdays

Friday classes are shortened

Class Materials:  1:1 class – Headway Academic Skills Speaking and Listening

1:1 class – Headway Academic Skills Reading and Writing

1:1 class – Supplementary Materials

Class Structures: 1:1 class – Local Teacher (7 hours)

Program Description

Intensive English program is designed only for beginner level students. This is to ensure fast language development through maximizing individual classes. Students can choose specific skills for comprehensive English learning.

The Communicative Approach is used in teaching this program.  Thus, more time is spent in improving the students’ conversational skills to develop confidence in using the English language.

Different assessment methods are given to the students to measure their learning and progress in class. At the end of each month, a Re-assessment Exam is given to provide basis in determining the students’ level improvement.

Program Goal:

The goal of this program is to build students’ confidence in using English, improve fluency and


General Objectives:

  • Develop English conversational skills.
  • Categorize group vocabulary words, phrases and expressions.
  • Construct correct basic to complex sentences.
  • Comprehend grammatical structures and rules
  • Write letters – email, formal and informal.
  • Recognize signposts of speakers’ language use.
  • Understand simple to complex passages.
  • Improve pronunciation