IELTS Guarantee Program

Target Market: Teenagers, University students and Professionals

Level Requirement:  Intermediate level

Course Duration: minimum of 4 weeks

Class Schedule8 hours a day from Mondays to Thursdays

Friday classes are shortened

Class Materials1:1 class – Barron’s IELTS Preparation Course Book

Cambridge IELTS Test Preparatory Series Supplementary Materials


Class Structures: 1:1 class – Local Teacher (8 hours)


Program Description:

CELI’s IELTS Guarantee Program helps build confidence and competence to students. This program is tailor made for students who are preparing to take the IELTS official test.  The Guarantee Program strictly imposes the conditions agreed upon enrollment. Failure to achieve the overall band score goal despite the student’s diligence and religious compliance of the conditions set, CELI will provide a free IELTS course for 3 months.

Program Goal:   To assure students enrolled in the IELTS Guarantee Program can achieve the overall band score goal.

General Objectives:

  • Instill strict study schedule discipline by close monitoring of class attendance and tardiness noting.
  • Constant monitoring of skills progress through weekly assessments (mock tests).
  • Intensive class supervision by competent IELTS teachers.
  • Utilization of updated and relevant IELTS materials in every class.


  • 100% attendance compliance to all classes. Tardiness of more than 15 minutes is considered as absent.
  • Course entry level : Intermediate
  • For students who wish to enroll in the guarantee program but is below the intermediate level can first take either GE or IE for at least 4 weeks then can be re evaluated; if found qualified can proceed with the guarantee program.
  • Minimum duration of 12 weeks.


Placement level Course Duration Overall Band score goal
Intermediate 12 weeks 6.0
16 weeks 6.5
20 weeks 7.0