General English Premium

Target Market: Teenagers, University students and Professionals

Level Requirement: Beginners – Intermediate level

Course Duration: minimum of 4 weeks

Class Schedule:  8 hours a day from Mondays to Thursdays

                              Friday classes are shortened

Class Materials:  1:1 class – English for Life Series

1:1 class – Supplementary Materials

1:4 class – English Results Series

1:8 class – American Headway Series

Class Structures: 1:1 class – Local Teacher (4 hours)

1:4 class – Local Teacher (2 hours)

1:8 class – Native Speaker Teacher (2 hours)

Program Description

General English Premium program is intended for students who desire to improve their English skills. It is delivered individually to focus on students’ weak skills. And, group classes are for language function to develop students’ confidence through effective activations. Real life situations are among the focused subject to easily understand the topic hence, uplift language level.

This program is inclusive of one additional 1:1 class intended especially for students’ special language needs. The Communicative Approach is used in teaching this program. Thus, more time is spent in improving the students’ conversational skills to develop confidence in using the English language. Different assessment methods are given to the students to measure their learning and progress in class. At the end of each month, a Re-assessment Exam is given to provide basis in determining the students’ level improvement.

Program Goal:

The goal of this program is to build students’ confidence in using English, improve fluency and


General Objectives:

  • Improve vocabulary and expressions common to everyday situations.
  • Improve understanding of English grammar.
  • Develop natural style of English pronunciation.
  • Develop conversation and communicative skills