Program Title: General Business English
Target Market: University Students and Professionals
Duration: Minimum of 4 Weeks
Qualification Level: Pre-intermediate - Advanced
Course Materials: 1:1 – Business One : One 1:8 – American Headway
Class Schedule: Monday – Thursday; 6 hours/day; 108 hours/month Friday class is shortened
Program Description:
Cleverlearn’s General Business English program focuses on the fundamentals of business language. The program aims in acquiring essential core skills in grammar, pronunciation, vocabularies and expressions. Also, it helps build confidence and fluency to effectively communicate in business setting. Introductory of business management basics is also introduced to understand the vital principles in the world business. On the other hand, tailoredfit Business English programs will be determined or offered upon request of the student.

This program uses the Communicative Approach in teaching. This is to ensure that students will bring out learned language in conversational practice to develop confidence in using the language in business setting effectively.

Varied assessment methods are given to the students to measure their learning and progress in class. At the end of each month, a Re-assessment Exam is given to provide basis in determining the students’ level improvement. Aside from this, weekly business-related communication activities are given such as business presentation, business negotiation, business meeting, product advertisement, business telephoning, job interview, business email and business writing to further improve their language competencies.

Course Structure

Class Structure Content Objective
1:1 2 Hours Local Teacher Business Speaking & Listening The student will acquire the following:
*describe company structure & job titles
*Convey ideas in an appropriate manner
*Use business-related phrases and expressions
*role-play various business-related activities
*ace a job interview
*learn effective business telephoning
1:1 2 Hours Local Teacher Business Reading & Writing The student will acquire the following:
*Demonstrate a wide range of vocabulary and grammatical accuracy
* write business letters, emails & proposals
*understand basic to complex business articles
*create basic business proposal
1:8 2 Hours Native Speaker GE-based Class The student will acquire the following:
*conversational skills
*English phrases, idioms & slang words
*American/Australian culture
Course Inclusion:
Small-scale Business Visit
Company Tour
Bigfoot Visit