General English Junior

Course Duration               Minimum of 1 weeks

Qualification Level           06-17 years old: (06-09 years old, 10-13 years old and 14-17 years old)

Level Requirement          Beginner – Intermediate



Program Description

The Cleverlearn General English Junior is a specialized program for students below 18 years old. It focuses on building vocabulary, reading comprehension, critical thinking, sentence construction, listening comprehension, correct pronunciation and speaking fluency. Since General English Junior is designed for youngsters, there is a regular meet up with counsellors and teachers to update students’ performance in class. However, for those who are not accompanied by their parents, updates will be provided either country head concerned or through email directly to their parents.

The Communicative Approach is used in teaching this program. Thus, more time is spent in improving the students’ conversational skills to develop confidence in using the English language.

Different assessment methods are given to the students to measure their learning and progress in class. At the end of each month, a Re-assessment Exam is given to provide basis in determining the students’ level improvement.

Course Structure:

1:1 – 2 hours with a local teacher             (1 teacher – 1 student)

-Focus is on the weak English skills of the students such as grammar and vocabulary

1:4 – 2 hours with a local teacher             (1 teacher – 4 students)                         

                -Activity-based class                                                                                      

1:4 – 2 hours with a native speaker         (1 teacher – 4 students)

                -Focused on basic Pronunciation, Idioms, speaking and conversational phrases



Indoor Activities Outdoor Activities
Chocopop Making Pizza-Making Activity
Chocolate Ball Making Art Painting at SM Cebu
Cookie Baking Kart Zone Activity
Mango Float Making 3D-Art Museum
Bead Ornament Making Porridge Feeding
Family Treasure Hunting Cupcake Hands-on Class (Short Course: 2 sessions)
Story-of-my-life Scrapbook
Paper Mache

A certificate is issued per activity.

Class Structure Specific Objectives Target Areas
1:1 2 Hours with Filipino Teacher Understand how to use affirmativesDetermine sight vocabularyRead dialogs

Familiar with basic vocabulary

Learn how to explain through writing

Review past tense

Pronounce properly /r/ & /l/ through singing

Comprehend cloze reading

Learn tag questions

Show and tell through images

Conduct oral drills

Discuss adjective of numbers

Learn calendar vocabulary

Learn comparison of adjectives

Pronounce short vowel sounds

Practice reading with fluency


Reading comprehension


1:4 2 Hours with Filipino Teacher Listen conversation of dialogsLearn different phrases and expressionsDescribe vocabulary words re from various countries

Discuss verb of frequency & partitives

Listen and respond to tag questions

Familiarize traffic rules and signage

Make weekly schedule

Learn how to fill out basic forms

Talk about expressing happiness & excitement

Role –play offering and saying thank you situations

Read different articles about facts

Identify different professions

Listening comprehensionVocabularySpeaking

Reading comprehension


1:4 2 Hours with Native Speaker Familiarize basic vocabularyPronounce blend consonantsPronounce regular past tense properly

Learn house idiomatic expressions

Role-play different picture scenarios

Familiarize diphthongs

Recognize animals through social media clips

Pronounce long vowel sounds

Share movie thoughts

Know how to express shock/surprise




Class Structure Specific Objectives Target Areas
1:1 2 Hours with Filipino Teacher Review grammar tensesReview degree of adjectiveUnderstand a given reading passage

Check comprehension through oral exam

Pronounce /zh/, /b/ & /v/

Discuss past progressive

Learn how to describe a situation

Learn how to give commands

Learn different lexis of bicycle

Comprehend an article pedal power

GrammarReading comprehensionPronunciation


1:4 2 Hours with Filipino Teacher Learn travel expressionsUnderstand emotion in dialogsReview sentence pattern

Present current conditions of nature

Discuss adjective of superlative

Identify different professions via video clips

Talk about money

Discuss money vocabulary and idioms

Analyze the negative and positive effects of money

SpeakingReading comprehensionVocabulary
1:4 2 Hours with Native Speaker Review prepositionLearn phrases in asking for directionsDiscuss food quantity

Learn how to order food in restaurants

Categorize list when shopping

Analyze movie content

Compare and contrast two ideas

Discuss adverbs

Learn how to inquire in English

Talk about the weather

Familiarize music vocabulary


Listening comprehension



Class Structure Specific Objectives Target Areas
1:1 2 Hours with Filipino Teacher Read and comprehend a letter from a pen palShare thoughts about history of pen-friendUnderstand messages and codes

Discuss past continuous

Learn phrases related to taking orders in a restaurant

Role-play different and famous lives of great explorers, travellers and writers

Discuss past perfect

Discuss present perfect continuous

Identify different type of sports through images

Write importance of sports

Review present continuous

Write biography of a friend

Discuss order of Adjectives

Reading comprehensionGrammarSpeaking



1:4 2 Hours with Filipino Teacher Discuss infinitive , clauses, used toReview simple present tensesReview physical vocabulary

Make a poster about Humanitarian

Learn how to express guess and prediction

Work on timeline about ones future

Discuss modals- can/could and will/would

Talk about environmental issues

Discuss gerunds

Describe various personalities of people

Talk about someone’s habits, talents & collections

Discuss entertainment vocabulary



1:4 2 Hours with Native Speaker Learn how to use numbers in personal informationWrite personal wish listReview WH- questions

Discuss conjunctions

Review giving commands, instructions & requests

Note down stress of words in English

Give someone basic information about yourself

Interview a friend re hometown

Review tag questions

Storytell a family picture shown in slides

Discuss possessives

Review WH-questions

How to describe objects in the garden

Discuss prepositions of place

Discuss how to give directions, descriptions & locations