General English

Target Market: University Students and Professionals
Duration:Minimum of 4 Weeks
Qualification Level:Beginner – Intermediate
Course Materials:1:1 – English for Life
1:4 – English Results 1:8 – American Headway
Class Schedule:Monday – Thursday; 6 hours/day; 120 hours/month
Friday class is shortened

Program Description

General English program is intended for students who desire to improve their English skills. It is delivered individually to focus on students’ weak skills. And, group classes are for language function to develop students’ confidence through effective activations. Real life situations are among the focused subject to easily understand the topic hence, uplift language level.

The Communicative Approach is used in teaching this program.  Thus, more time is spent in improving the students’ conversational skills to develop confidence in using the English language.

Different assessment methods are given to the students to measure their learning and progress in class. At the end of each month, a Re-assessment Exam is given to provide basis in determining the students’ level improvement.

Program Goal:

                The goal of this program is to build students’ confidence in using English, improve fluency and accuracy.

General Objectives:

  • Improve vocabulary and expressions common to everyday situations.
  • Improve understanding of English grammar.
  • Develop natural style of English pronunciation.
  • Develop conversation and communicative skills


General English
Class Structure Specific Objectives Target Area
2 Hours 1:1 with Filipino teacher Discuss articles

Review numbers and alphabets

Construct yes/no and wh- questions

Ask and give personal information

Talk about free-time activities

Discuss usage of capital letters

Review days of the week an d months

Talk about colours

Pronounce sm-, -bl and –gr

Identify parts of the body

Introduce house vocabularies

Talk about ambitions

Explain regular and irregular verbs

Start a conversation

Basic grammar

Sentence construction

Speaking and pronunciation



2 Hours 1:4 with Filipino teacher Learn different greeting phrases

Review articles

Review simple tense

Construct imperative statements

Listen short monologue about family

Learn usage of linking verbs

Understand uses of prepositions

Describe phrases of language ability

Write simple letter about ones country

Fill out personal information

Write simple paragraph about food in your country

How to say phone numbers and email addresses

How to describe people

How to link words together

How to talk about information

Pronounce letters and numbers

How to give your name and address

How to start a conversation

How to describe habits

How to say dates

How to respond news

How to describe a typical day

How to describe people and objects

How to ask for things in shops

How to ask about people’s interest

How to ask about prices

How to order food in a restaurant

How to talk about food

How to offer things






Role pay

2 Hours 1:8 with Native Speaker Verb tenses, adjectives and prepositions

Learn social expressions

Describe friends

Differentiate homes all over the world

Describe favourite rooms

Discussion – living abroad

Discussion – working at night

Discussion – blind date

Discussion – shopping

Discussion – teenagers and parents

Discussion – books, movies and TV programs

Discussion – nightlife

Discussion – problems and advice

Familiarize emotion vocabulary

Review phonetic symbols

Make a conversation

How to express personal interests

Review quantifiers

Comprehend song meaning




Listening comprehension





General English
Class Structure Specific Objectives Target Area
2 Hours 1:1 with Filipino teacher Review regular and irregular verbs

Discuss nouns and adjectives

How to say hello and goodbye

Talk about time and days

Explain and, but and because

Express likes and dislikes

Express politeness

Write a short note

How to talk about good news

Describe different clothing

Share ones personal trip/travel

Discuss present continuous

Listen a dialog conversation


Speaking and pronunciation





2 Hours 1:4 with Filipino teacher Read short monologue

Write a biography

Review adjectives

Write a description of a region

Write an invitation

Introduce hotel phrases and expressions

Introduce shopping phrases

Discuss must and must not

How to talk about:


*personal details

*tourist attractions


*likes and dislikes



*favours and promises





Listening for keywords


Writing letter and feature article



Role play




2 Hours 1:8 with Native Speaker Make positive and negative questions

Discuss families around the world

Discuss pros and cons of bringing up a family in other countries

Make surveys re family

Discuss the most money-generated jobs

Write a friendly letter/email

Talk about friends from abroad

Talk about life of royal bloods

Identify lost sounds

Express opinions – agreement and disagreement

Read a tragic story

Talk about early love

Write a fairy tale story

Discuss literal and idiomatic expressions

Express politeness

How to give advice, obligation and permission

Discussion about laws all over the world

How to arrange an appointment

Talk about the weather and the natural phenomena around the world

Report a weather news

Talk about climate change





Reading comprehension




General English
Class Structure Specific Objectives Target Area
2 Hours 1:1 with Filipino teacher Review simple past, present and present continuous

Pronunciation of phonetic alphabets

Discuss possessive pronouns

Talk about types of houses

Review articles

Explain will/going to

Discuss first conditional

How to give advice

Talk about relationships

How to book a flight

Make tag questions

How to check in a hotel

Talk about changes

Pronounce consonant clusters

Discuss second conditional

Practice positive and negative intonation

How to make complaints and suggestions

Discuss conditional 3

Discuss indirect questions

How to deal with problems

Basic grammar




Sentence structures


2 Hours 1:4 with Filipino teacher How to talk about:

*people in your life

*greeting customs


*your background






*countries and government

*past events

Narrate a story

How to express strong feelings

Write personal letter

Compare and discuss preferences

Explain what a film is all about

Write description of a film or a book

Write a CV

Comprehend an anecdote

Write intercultural experience




Role play



Word stress


Academic writing

Critique movies/articles

Critical reading

2 Hours 1:8 with Native Speaker Discuss home away from home

Identify pros and cons of living abroad

Write resume and cover letter

Fillers in English

How to use exclamations

Listen to an interview re lonely planet

Understand gist of a literary piece

Learn degrees of expressing likes

Critique a story

Retell news story

Discuss adverbs of narrative

Talk about the truth

Listen to popular conspiracy theories

Discussion – good and bad lies



Role play

Reading comprehension

Critical thinking



Intensive English
Class Structure Specific Objectives Target Area
5 Hours 1:1 with Filipino teacher Organize a presentationExpress and support opinionsIdentify speakers’ opinions

Discuss pros and cons of a topic

Conduct interviews

Present data survey

Learn academic vocabulary

How to argue

Give presentation

Learn academic vocabulary

Predict topic sentences

Apply scanning and skimming

Describe graphs, charts and statistics.

Write a detailed paragraph

Introduce techniques in writing paragraph

Plan an argumentative letter

Critical thinkingSpeaking and pronunciationVocabulary


Paragraph writing