It is undeniable that English has become the universal language for business and commerce including finance, law and trade. Many multinational companies are mandating English as the common corporate language.

It is very important for people working with colleagues, clients and partners from other countries to understand each other to form effective and productive working relationships.

Majority of Business English students wants to improve their job prospects in their own country and even abroad. Non-native English speakers study Business English to cope up with the world’s demand in business. They used this as a tool to interact with English-speaking countries or with companies that use English as a lingua franca.

If you are having trouble making yourself understood in the business world then studying Business English would be very beneficial to you. Not only would this help you communicate with your foreign colleagues and clients, it would also contribute to your professional progress and help you achieve your goals at work.

Business English Course

Program Description:

This Business English Program is designed for those working individuals who desire to improve their English ability to better communicate with their foreign colleagues or clients.

The aim of this program is to help students get familiar with the fundamentals of business language required to discuss proposals, do presentations and initiate meetings.

This program is centered on how students can effectively communicate in their respective workplace.

Communicative approach is used in all 1on1 classes for a more in depth training. Students are provided with many different exercises and scenarios for them to practice.


Our Teachers

EFFECTIVE, FRIENDLY and FLEXIBLE are some of the traits of our teachers.

Our teachers are experienced and well-trained in teaching students in all ages from very young kids to professionals and from different nationalities. They are not only good at handling students but also skillful in training students learning Exam English courses such as TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS, a quarterly training is done to ensure that our teacher standard is maintained.

Our teachers are also approachable which helps build rapport between them and the students creating a very good sense of comfort for the students to enjoy and appreciate learning English more.

Helping the students achieve their goal in learning English is always the priority and our teachers aid in making this possible.

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